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Dripper’s Paradise

4302 W Forest Home Ave
Milwaukee WI 53219

Facebook: 4.8/5
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You can find many vape shops in the Milwaukee area. Each one of the Milwaukee Vape Shops has its own strengths and weaknesses, their own charms, and their main reason to visit. One vape shop striving to reduce the weaknesses while increasing its strength is Dripper’s Paradise. They quickly re-asserted themselves as a premier shop in the Milwaukee scene.

Opened in 2014 by the founders of The Vape Apes, it quickly became a favorite among the vaping crowd in Milwaukee. Don’t let the name fool you. You don’t need a dripper or an RDA to visit this shop. In fact, one of the owners is a tank user. The community surrounding the shop was always positive. This, in part, was due to the exceptional service provided by the staff. All you have to do is read through the reviews to see for yourself. If customer service is a stickler with you, you owe it to yourself to visit this gem. You’re made to feel like your best friend or family member is assisting with your vaping needs.


If pricing at the Milwaukee Vape Shops is leaving your wallet lighter than you would like, then that’s another reason to visit Dripper’s Paradise. A number of vapers regard them as one of the most reasonable shops in town. Much of their pricing isn’t far off from the internet, and they always seem like they will be in the mood to make a deal for you. Since the Mall is going to gouge you and not properly answer your questions, for the most part, you might as well visit a shop known for knowledge and good pricing.


The entire staff is well versed in the vaping world. The owners have been vaping for 5 years and used vaping to quit smoking. As a result, their knowledge and passion is among the highest in the city. In addition to the owners, the other team members have their own passion and quitting stories as well. Each one has a wealth of vaping knowledge on top of a specialty. Another key aspect to the staff is the desire to teach. They are willing participants in the vape school, both as students and professors. Therefore, you can be assured you will leave with the right selection and confident you fully understand what you are doing. In conclusion, never be afraid to ask the staff at Dripper’s Paradise your vaping-related question. Dripper’s Paradise isn’t the only Milwaukee Vape Shop with a knowledgeable staff, but they do have one of the best.


Selection is another reason to visit Dripper’s Paradise, rather than tobacco shops that added vape. Their juice wall is amazing. They have a juice for nearly every flavor profile imaginable. If they don’t have the brand you want, they might have 3 brands with the same profile that are better. They also don’t hesitate to special order for you. They always seem open to juice requests and trying new things.


Some of the Milwaukee Vape Shops will not allow you to test or sample juice. Dripper’s Paradise, however, has a great sample bar. They are always happy to sit down and find the right juice for you. You can check out everything they sell to see if it will work for you. Sometimes, finding the right juice can be difficult. However, their knowledge of the juice they carry will help you locate that perfect vape in no time at all.

Side Story

Last year, they attempted to expand into Oak Creek. Rumors arose regarding the expansion due to the slower pace and lack of inventory. After those problems seemed to get sorted out behind the scenes, the stores began to flourish again. This is why it struck some of the community as odd when the 2nd store closed after one year of operation. After some investigation, it turns out the building had many unseen faults. They were thankful the lease was only a one year term. So, they packed up and went back to Forest Home.


Since the move back to one store, they have been exploding. The selections have expanded, the inventory has grown, and their new arrangement makes it feel bigger inside. Some people even accuse them of moving the walls. The only complaint is the lighting, but they are working with the building owner to replace the light system with a more updated setup.

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Dripper’s Paradise is located at the intersection of 43rd Street, Oklahoma Avenue, and Forest Home Avenue. You can always check out their Facebook page for updated store hours and information.

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